Privacy Policy

We, at Pearl International, value your privacy as our guest and discern that every part of it is important to you. We want you to be cognizant with how we collect, use and disclose information of our guests. We adopt very stringent processes when it comes to data privacy of our guest. All the information we collect thru our online (web/social/ mobile/etc.,) or other channels are strictly controlled by our expert and loyal and dedicated team. We frequently conduct marketing campaigns thru various modes like email/social Media/Website/etc., The data collected thru these campaigns are just used for enhancement or improvisation of business process and services which are coherent to our line of business that we cater to in the market. By Providing or submitting your personal and other information to us, you agree to our following detailed terms and conditions of our privacy policy and statements.

Collection of Personal Information

We, at Pearl International, may collect personal details or information of our guests such as their Name, Gender, Age, Date of Birth, Purpose of Visit/stay, email addresses, Mobile Numbers, Nationality, Aadhaar Card, Passport details (if you are a NRI/ Foreigner) and some of the identification information as stipulated by Govt. of India and Ministry of Tourism as and when ordered.

We, at Pearl International, may also collect your previous stay details or where you are coming from or to where you are destined and your bank accounts and debit/credit card details for billing purpose.

Apart from above mentioned but not limited to, we collect only all essential and required personal information of our guests only with relevance to valuable purpose both online and offline.

When you provide details of the guest on their behalf incase when you do reservations for your friend / relative/colleague/neighbor, please ensure that you have the authority and valid consent from the party who is going to stay in our Hotel property.

We, Pearl International, will not be liable for any unauthorized information of any third party provided or submitted by others in any form without a valid consent from the guest who is going to stay in our hotel property.

Use of and disclosure of Personal Information

We may use your personal information in following ways but not limited to below.

To complete your reservation process including duration of stay, type of stay, payment, etc.,

To provide you the travel itineraries if required from check-in time till check-out time.

To alert you about the reservation of stay with us and details thru your preferred mode – Text Message/email alert/Social Media Buzz/Call Alert/ Personal touch thru someone directly if your arrival is close by or as suggested by you personally with us.

To include you in our marketing campaigns database list of our business with your conscious consent. You may opt out of these campaigns or promotions or unsubscribe at any point in time as and when you feel like based on your own decision or as suggested by your influencers basis the wisdom/experience of your influencers or yourself.

To include you in our feedback campaigns or programs which are very imminent and highly imperative these days to counterfeit the competitions and to stay updated about latest technologies and customer’s varied expectations and likes and dislikes about the services we render to our guests irrespective of the pricing and number of days of stay with us in our hotel property.

To share your personal information to respective government authorities or legal bodies as and when required if there is any unavoidable or force majeure situations or etc. This will be completely per the constitutional laws of the country and legal bindings bound to be followed by any one before the law of the land subjected to prescribed conditions for any respected citizen of the country and to the NRI’s and to the foreigner ’s who have come here for some business/travel/ other personal purpose.

Security of information collected

We adopt a set of standards and process derived internally by our team to use this information in a very secured way in order to organize, allocate your data, follow technical measures and leverage administrative measures to carefully protect and secure the data or complete information received from our guests. Please note we cannot guarantee you a compromise of your personal data or information as we strongly believe there is no 100% efficient system in this world. However, we will strive to secure, protect and maintain secrecy of your personal information to the best of our efforts. Incase if your feel skeptical or have experienced that your information shared with us are compromised at any point in time, you can very much “Write to us” directly to delete your records from our storage disks and we would be more than delighted to do so as we never and ever want to get our guests information compromised in any form or otherwise.

Access/use of our services by minors

We, at Pearl International, do not collect any information from minors who are under the age group of 13 and if by oversight this happen and if found by us we immediately suppress the records and details of information collected by our online systems in complete automatically and perhaps sometimes by manual efforts as and when needed to avoid any unwanted situations.

Cookies Policy

Usage of cookies tools and technologies helps us to sense the device type used by you to provide a device responsive website without any reduction in functionality of the site in any manner and to facilitate and enhance the user’s online experience to its best. Cookies are nothing but a set of small amounts of information in the form of codes which are downloaded to your device when you visit our website. Cookies are sent back to our webserver to allow us to recognize your device. Identifying and recognizing your device type with essential cookies allows our site to help you navigate efficiently to obtain the information and services you have requested. These cookies also help us to manage and improve our website based on user’s feedback and use our site and how well the sites are performing unless you disable the cookies on our website. By using our website, you agree to our terms and use of those cookies. If you decide to disable the cookies on our site, perhaps you will not be able to see all possible features of the website once you have disabled the cookies. You can always take browsers help and most of the browsers in the world will definitely allow you to manage the cookies and its preferences.

Update of our Privacy Policy and statements

We, Pearl International, may update/revise/come out with new privacy statements and policies in partial or in complete at any point in time as and when the business demands or as decided by the management when it finds essential to modify/revise/replace with a new policy in partial or full basis strategy or local body norms or per new regulations as stipulated by government and its authorities. So your privacy with us conforms to our terms and policies and you accept our privacy policy in complete.

Write to us about Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please “Write to us – Privacy Policy”. Please do not include any sensitive or secured information when you write to us as emails are not always secure and cannot be trusted 100%.